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Welcome to First Class Auto Tags Service


PennDOT has very specific rules, forms, and processes. We can help you navigate PennDOT and give you specific answers to your questions in a matter of minutes! Stop in, call us, or submit a contact submission form today to get the answers you need!

Welcome to First Class Auto Tags Service


Importing a vehicle from another country? That’s not a problem for the FIRST CLASS team. We know exactly what needs to be done to streamline this process so you will have your new vehicle registered as soon as possible!

Welcome to First Class Auto Tags Service


Whether you need a simple title transfer, a temporary tag (license plate), or you need a completely new license plate, we are here to help! Trust the experts at First Class Auto Tags to guide you through PennDOT’s protocols and get you what you need quickly!

Handicap Placards

We offer FIRST CLASS service to our handicap customers. If you are disabled and need a new handicap placard OR if you are applying for your first placard, we can assist you with getting a new handicap placard for your vehicle!


Waiting in line for hours on end is a common story we hear from our customers. Luckily, we can help skip those long lines and assist you with your PennDOT needs. Renew your license with us and save time and money!

Welcome to First Class Auto Tags Service

Picture of customers being assisted with a title transfer

We bring over 40 years of automotive and PennDOT experience to the table. That means we have been around the block and can advise our customers on the best process to transfer a title, restore a license, register a vehicle, and more! In one 20-minute visit, we can accomplish the majority of our services with a customer. So save two hours of time at the DMV and come visit us for quick and easy PennDOT automotive services!

Trouble navigating PennDOT’s waters?! We are PennDOT experts!

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Our Core Services

Driver’s License Renewal

picture of a driver's license

Whether you need a renewal or a duplicate of your license, the experts at First Class are here to help! Click the link below for more Driver’s License services.

Title Transfers

Picture of a title transfer certificate

Transferring a title only? Need temporary tags or license plates? Transferring a title and a license plate? The experts at first class are trained to assist you regardless of your title transfer needs!

Notary Services

Picture of a notary stamp

We are recognized and licensed to notarize any official form or document. For your next Pennsylvania commissioned notary, look for a FIRST CLASS notary!

Driver’s License Restoration

Picture of a drivers license restoration letter

We can assist in retrieving your requirement letter and make this process as quick and painless as possible so you can get back on the road!

License Plate Registration

picture of a license plate registration

We can do basic registration renewals in our sleep! Most registration renewals take less than 20 minutes! Call or stop by today!

Vanity Plate Registration

Picture of of a sample vanity plate

Trying to get a vanity plate? Call or stop by today for free advice on the best way to get that custom plate for your vehicle.

Classic and Antique Car Registration

Picture of an antique car

Is your vehicle more than 16 years old? Speak with a FIRST CLASS representative today and we can help you register your antique or classic car!

Imported Vehicle Registration

picture of a European license plate

Have you recently imported a vehicle from another country? We can assist with your new vehicle’s registration!

FBI Fingerprinting

Picture of a sample FBI fingerprint card

We can assist in fingerprinting of FBI FD-258 cards. We have our own supply of fingerprint cards, but you can also bring in your own fingerprint cards. For more information, click the link below!

Handicap Placards Registration

Picture of customers being assisted with a title transfer

We can assist you with your MV145-A (we can supply!). Click on the link below for more information!

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Please get in touch and we will respond to your request as soon as possible!

We specialize in license plate registration, title transfer, temporary tags, handicap placards, notary services, and more! Contact us today!