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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long are handicap placards good for or how long until my handicap placard expires?
Permanent placards expire in 5 years from the date they were issued. Temporary placards expire in 6 months. In rare cases, placard expiration dates can vary.
2. How long is my camera card good for?
60 days after it was issued. At that time, you need to go to a photo ID center. At the Photo ID center, they will take your picture and give you your new license.
3. How long does a title transfer take (from start to finish!)?
The application process is quick! Usually about 15 minutes but the total process takes about 6 weeks.
4. If I am transferring a title, do I have to have the car insured at the time of the transfer?
We need a valid insurance card in the receiving party’s name. The receiving party needs to acquire vehicle insurance within 10 days.

If the receiving party is under their parent’s plan, then they may need to get proof that they are a certified driver under their parent’s insurance plan.
5. Are you able to print out a PA State License Plate Registration Renewal in the office?
Yes! We can print out your registration renewal the same day (some exclusions apply).
6. How old does my car have to be for it to be registered as a classic or antique car?
15 full years for a classic card and 25 full years for an antique car. a. As a general rule of thumb, subtract 16 (or 26) from the current year and compare that number to the model year of the vehicle. This can be confusing. Call us if you have any questions.

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