First Class Auto

First Class Auto Tags provides fingerprinting services in and around the Philadelphia area by appointment.


We do fingerprinting on FINGERPRINT CARDS (yours or ours, which are FBI FD-258 cards) for professional licenses, employment, criminal record checks, name change petitions, and for visas and passports of those countries of the world that require it.


We guarantee (your money back) that the FBI will accept the fingerprint cards that we prepare for you even though we are not a law enforcement agency (and the Philadelphia Police will not fingerprint you unless you have been arrested!) We also guarantee that NO ONE will reject our cards because they were "poorly prepared".


We have the best prices in the area, charging $10 to prepare a fingerprint card, and discounts are available for multiple cards.

We can also go to your home or business for a fee.


Our Fees:


  • $10 (tax included) per finger card on site.
  • 6 or more cards, volume discount.
  • Offsite - surcharge for travel.
    • Minimum fee is $150, up to 12 finger cards. This would be cost and time effective for a small business with several employees.
  • VIP services.
  • Remote areas require a different fee structure.
    • $350 10 - 24 miles.
    • $400 25+ miles.


We welcome cash, money orders, Mastercard and Visa credit cards.


NOTE: We do not do "live" scan fingerprinting. We are not a forensic agency. Therefore, we cannot "lift" latent fingerprints from objects touched by someone's hands.